Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment.
It probably is an asset to mankind to create love towards nature. Whosoever created this day must have loved earth like anything...

This day teaches us humanity.It teaches us to be one.

Life is like magic. No human could create such a dream even in his own dreams!
Just look at the rivers;they teach us capability.
Just look at the mountains,they teach us to stand tall even when it is raining heavily or even when the winds try to blow as fast as they can,when they can stop anything.
Just look at the sky;it teaches us to spread its arms vast,over the whole world and be there for you 24X7.
Just look at the grass;it teaches you to be evergreen and happy.
Just look at the buffalo and the egret;they teach you to work together.
Just look at the flower and the bee;they teach us to share.

When these small little things can teach us big wonders,then why are we so in to kill life,kill love??

I think humanity has changed..some people harm nature and their surroundings just to pretend that they are cool..

I hope that after reading this,atleast some minds will change,for good.
I repeat,life is like a magic and if you do something disastrous to nature,it is ultimately going to harm mankind.
So it is better to accept nature as one of God's greatest gifts beside life and love, and move on towards nature, but to hug it closely and proudly say---"I am an EARTHLING!"


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